Sessions & Rates

All sessions are by appointment only.

Each therapist at Therapy Works is an independent contractor. Pricing varies with each practitioner. Visit our Wellness Provider page to contact a therapist regarding fees.

Having health insurance that covers massage can definitely make care more affordable and accessible. Visit our insurance page to learn about working with your health insurance plan.

Payment Information: Payment due at time of service (cash, check, or credit accepted. 2.9% fee added to credit charges). 

Massage Therapy

Sessions offered:

  • 30 minutes: $30-45

  • 60 minutes: $50-80

  • 75 minutes: $60-90

  • 90 minutes: $75-110

  • 2 hours: $100-140

Insurance Billing Policies for Massage Therapy Services: 

  • PRIVATE/HMO: Cash at time of service for out of network provider coverage. 

  • AUTO/PIP: No payment at time of services, insurance will be billed.

  • L&I/ WORKER’S COMPENSATION: No payment at time of services, insurance will be billed.

*Billing insurance or using FSA and HSA plans require a written prescription for massage from your doctor.

Biomat Services

30 minutes     $10  
60 minutes     $15  

Packages available with an additional discount

In-home Sessions

We do offer in-home massage, primarily for prenatal and postpartum care and for clients who physically are unable to join us in the office. Our in-home travel fee is $50 plus the cost of the session (if you have your own table, the travel fee can be reduced). You may also be able to use your health insurance for a portion of the cost of the visit with a Doctor referral.

Additional Services offered with Dena Halle

Injury Assessment

Includes assessment/evaluation, treatment, prevention, care, home care program, exercise instruction, referral when needed.

30 minutes     $45.00
45 minutes     $60.00
60 minutes     $80.00

Taping and Wrapping  

For athletic events, training, or practices, rehabilitation, work, post injury support, or post operative support, may also include bracing recommendations)     

$15-30       Plus supplies

Personal Training

Includes private instruction in client’s home gym, membership gym or instruction at Therapy Works location.  May include any of the following; exercise instruction with free weights, weight machines, functional exercise, balance, core exercise, corrective exercise, and proper stretching techniques. Instruction in the usage of dumb bells, kettle balls, elastic bands, medicine balls, foam rollers, steps or blocks may also be included if needed to achieve client goals.

$75 per hour

***Client responsible for gym guest fees if required.

Travel Care

Need experienced, specialized and customized personal care to travel with you or your team?

Weekly rates:

  • Five days, 20 1-hour massages total, up to 5 per day: $2000 per week

  • Overtime fees per massage over 5 per day: $150 per massage

  • Additional days with no more than 5 per day: $1000 per day (or $200 per massage)

Additional fees: 
Daily Meal Allowance   $75
Transportation, private accommodations and special fees for example laundry, club fees, parking, etc. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions about our services or pricing.